Austin Piedmont

Video Design, Production, and Editing Professional

Cinema & Consciousness 

This video was a collaboration between me and Brain Games host Jason Silva. We're both passionate about movies and how the mind works - so by combining Jason's riffing and my video editing, we came up with this. 

Image by Andrew Ridley


This video was a collaboration between Synthesis Institute and Tero Isokauppila, founder of Four Sigmatic. Four Sigmatic specializes in mushroom beverages that support health. Here Tero covers some of the health benefits of mushrooms.


Healing & Peak States

This video was a collaboration between Synthesis Institute and Jamie Wheal, founder of the Flow Genome Project. Jamie discusses the connection between healing and peak states of consciousness.

Image by Sérgio Alves Santos

Harm Reduction Course

This video was a collaboration between me and Safer For All, an international harm reduction group. We created an in-depth alcohol harm reduction course to support bar staff and other night-life professionals to know how and when to serve someone, as well as when to stop and how to safely deal with intoxicated patrons.

Image by v2osk

Altered States Podcast

This is a podcast that I created and hosted while studying psychology in the Netherlands. I designed the introduction sequence as well as the audio waves shown throughout the recording so that the presentation was more professional/engaging than a static image for the duration of the recording.


Venue Opening

This video was a collaboration between me and a local fifties-style bar, Crossroads. This video was filmed on their opening night and used as promotion for the venue. None of the footage was staged in order to make the video feel more authentic. 


Launch video

This video was made to help launch Global Drug Survey's 2022 survey. GDS runs the biggest drug survey in the world, with close to one million participants over the past ten years located in over twenty different countries. 

Buddha Statue.jpg

travel video

This is a video I made for fun when I traveled to Berlin to interview a Buddhist monk for a project I was working on. I had recently bought my first camera and wanted to play around with it a bit.